Jane hugs the pole with her naked flesh. She wounds her legs around the solid metal as though in mad heat as her lithe buttocks gyrate extraterrestrially to Arianna Grande’s ‘side to side.’ Cruising with one hand on naked crotch, another on some brand of ecstacy liquid, the men seated at the foot of the stage are enslaved by the beauty. A few moans of climax are coherent enough here and there. Lady Jane is doing her business alright. Backstage, Tessa is livid. She vents at Mama gatwatchyawant.

“Mama G, this has got to stop! Why did she have to go first? You know how she likes to show off all night, not bothering that us small girls gats hustle too. The stupid dogs even like her over used leather like that.” Mama gatwatchyawant frowns and drops her two iphones in her glittery gucci bag.

“Look here girl, you better wait your turn. If it comes fine. That’s how life is. You wait you hear? And let me warn you one last time. If her husband ever hears that she is in this business i will kill you, you hear? Just because you might have over-heard her talking to him over the phone, making plans for her kids does not mean you go yapping that oven of a mouth of yours every which way. You hear me?” She advances towards Tessa, hovering over her like the hulk

“Not like he is Father chastity either, but none of it is your business, you hear me?” Frazzled, the girl nods with reluctance. Just then, the sound of commotion right outside forces Mama G to run out onto the stage. Jane is now off it, on her knees, pleading with a fiftyish man who stares deep into her as tears flow down his eyes. He is visibly paralysed watching his wife struggle to cover her complete nakedness and doesn’t even move a muscle when one man walks by and squeezes her buttocks, chuckling

“Hey honey, can i help you with these?” An explosion of laughter fills the bar. Too ashamed to be angry, she slaps his hands off feebly. He obliges with an evil smirk on his face as he stares her down then walks away, stroking his crotch. Before she can say another word to the man in front of her, his voice cuts through her like a witch blade

“I thought you were done with this life. I thought i saved you. I thought we were happy. I thought… i thought you were content with our life. I thought you were content with your career. I thought it would be enough to keep you away from all of this. I thought…” The oceans pouring from his sockets cease. He assumes a new distance by taking two steps back, announcing coldly

“We’re done.” He walks away and doesn’t look back. She hurries off the scene as though on a rampage to salvage something. Backstage, Mama G has just finished beating Tessa to a pulp before screaming at her

“You better put yourself together and get out there! Shebi you want to perform. Stand up!”

Fade – To – Black

“I thought…. I thought… I thought…” A good majority of people wish for certain things about other people consistently enough throughout their lives. No matter how close they are. But the reality is usually much more than what it looks like. I’m not even going to mention ‘subjectivity’ in light of this. Oops, i just did. Its more how we choose to see the world as it unravels itself before our very eyes. And considering that a person’s worldview is limited to his personal experiences, beliefs, and values, its easy to see how anything that challenges his sense of self is a threat to his being and identity. Many people, sometimes consciously or unconsciously ‘want’ to feel secure at the expense of the self identity of another when friction ensues in light of their differences. Or more specifically, the lens through which they see the world. Especially when what is before the eyes does not fit the individual’s schema or expectations. And when this happens, the magic of just “being” is missed for there is a failure in recognising the fact that though they are different in one way or another, it is never safe to assume or to presume knowledge of anything. No matter how much one might think they know. Wasn’t it the queen of neo soul who said and i quote

“The man who knows something knows that he knows nothing at all”

One cannot overstate the importance of leaving that door open.

Human beings are complex creatures, and thus, not entirely easy to completely decipher, even though the possibility of adequately predicting our actions exists –based on evidence as presented by the science of psychology. I would be led to think that it is probably easier to not ruffle anyone’s person with projections of ‘self’ because in truth, our unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as capacity for both good and evil run a little too deep for absolute or perfect understanding. The grey is inexpicably pregnant for the most part, and sometimes, looking for simple answers will not suffice. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Creatures Of Purple Moonlight

  1. This is simply amazing! Humans really need to realise that we can’t decide someone’s happiness. You think you are enough for someone but find out that you aren’t. Thank you, Ivan for sharing this 🙏❤


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