These would be my words, save they came to me by virtue of a whispering heart and i don’t know why. Yes, i read hearts. Speaking of hearts, if everyone could see every other person’s heart and perhaps mind, either of two things could happen: One, they could either be more sympathetic and kind or two, the whole world as we know it would cease to exist because being human is a twisted affair and we would all kill one another as only very few “may” have the capacity to face the truth in the hearts of human beings. It is a beautiful and equally ugly phenomenon. The heart is true and humanity can be plain treacherous. It is true. Though if you have a contrary opinion, i have a very open mind. Put it in the comments below

6 thoughts on “The Heart And Humanity

  1. You are actually super right. Humans are very complicated beings. They could be nicer to you or just mess up your entire life. That’s why trust is a very tricky thing

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  2. No. Absolutely not. If man could see into the hearts of men we would not be able to comprehend. And ultimately, as humans, what we fail to comprehend we seek to destroy. Time bomb. KA-BOOM!

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    1. Thanks for your comment Uyi. Your words ring true. While that’s true though, to what extent can we be certain that we would not be able to comprehend what’s in the heart of another going by the assumption that we can actually look into the heart of another? And if we can or cannot, is there not a possibility that every individual would have reasonably varied responses to what they find?


  3. My believe is that indeed the ability to read minds would yield positivity. If you think about it most conflicts are bore out of misunderstanding. Imagine a situation were we could reach into heart and understand intentions, I believe that would be a perfect world

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    1. Thanks Kcee. I agree with you. Many a time we end up misunderstanding a person’s intentions because we do not see what is in their hearts, or as a result of them not communicating effectively. This is so true. It surely would make things simpler. However, considering that it is a fact that not all human beings are a hundred percent pure hearted and naturally, think “all kinds of thoughts” from time to time, the consequence of this, knowing what is in the heart of another, is frightening. Because then we would also have to deal with very visible ill intention and possibly, the worst kind of depravity in light of the human collective. And so, the perfect world the first possibility presents is threatened by our own very complex nature. I would think


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