Do we turn the pages with fair regard that they are ours in a sea of infinite subplots driven by the course of the full force of a thriving humanity? Or do we look through them for the ends we chase for ourselves? What is the meaning where we make the moon worship our hand to find peace but away from the powers that command it so it runs. For a careless hand that is human will take. Many will take. Some will break. Few will love. Few would march the distance for the balance of their kind in the design of our cosmic dispensation. Its a shame but who runs from a truth that stares us in the face when we part eyes to live the dream of our current path? Who runs from the madness that pervades our world – mad thing seeking itself, the redemption of a fallen diversity that remains in its stance to remain how she is. To remain earth. Pained and ill exonerated to the divine fires by which her king hearth was formed to keep the times.

I want to shake down the stars. I want to shake down the stars so we might remember the nature of a persisting truth floating on the wings of the wind who knows every story, Every whisper; every pain: every sadness; every indiscretion; every good deed; every clandestine tongue lash and rough pour. The wind whose powers run to cast new spells against the better light where our human truth resides.

I want to shake down the stars so we count the glories beyond the elements where the dull shade of human passing is put to sleep for real power is eternal. The life of which carries the eye that sees into realms filled with belhohastrahn beings of better vibrations driving better time for the lot who know no oneness save the one that binds the lot for the grace of unending infinity.

I want to shake down the stars so all would be reminded that fallen angels carry but viamonds in their heavy hearts looking only to make the dark a refuge for children who know real authority where it counts at the perfect center of existence.

I want to shake down the stars so as you count the tears of weeping gods, you will remember the hurt did not begin with you.

I want to shake down the stars so when you remember every word of this thing I have written, you will remember how it strikes you in ways only your heart understands.

I want to shake down the stars. I want shake down the stars for you…

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