Its the weight of a dragon brief.

The still sun running to a merchant’s farm house on a hot day

The rough percussion that brushes against sterile consciousness looking for a fill of something to function for

It is limbo. The might sized dimension of a cruel silence that has you questioning everything because you thought you understood a little, what it means to ride on the tides of the twists and turns that come with the trip

Where do the play cards go when the rough keeper drops a blind bullet in your breathing brain well deceived by the passing taunts of careless reality?

Well illusioned to a place of serene madness.

But its a dream. The wake. The fleeting grasp of twinkling time

Her timesless dress telling infinite stories all at once.

Every loose body dances to her command in the sphere of romance and outed fires

And we might want to remember. Remember how our nations will run with the winds

However, the tragedy would be not knowing how so if the loving quest is forgone for the trap of normalcy. The mistake that one dimension should mirror the lot. Or that the lot be guided by her deception.

Look over the hills of free terraces that wear a sinful dress, stained with the promise of cut and tear to build dreams worth keeping. Though that will pass. Fail the test of this timeless time waiting in line to draw the curtain where the other side calls

I want to kiss this wind so she remembers i was inside her

Inside the waves of her heated climax, savage to the desire persisting past her wailing lips of thunder and hypnosis. For we only wake when we sleep.

As you read, you would have found treasures to remind you of the only truth that matters.

You may hold hands with the waters that steer your ship

You may make plans that fall apart or fall through with the working odds who match your fires for its persistence

A dream is a dream

When you wake, will you still be dreaming?

A simple song plays now. A simple song. “Row row row…”

You won’t find the real treasures in the kingdoms within the town palace

Where the human heart beats

But a simple song will suffice

To better feed the dream

Do we dream?

That might be the question

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