The stories we tell ourselves move us before we preach. For we connect with anything that agrees with our personal sense of “being” and set of values. Man is constantly telling himself all the things he already knows because its what he believes or has been taught to believe are true. And the truth is that no matter what we say we’re about, it does not change the simple fact that we become the product of all of our influences -From birth, till wherever we are now. We become “moving action” of all the things we hold dear. We become the very life of our subconscious for we will express all that we are in the most subtle ways because humans can never be too careful. Sooner or sooner than we would like to think, we’re forced to own our inner worlds before they expose us. Sooner than we would like to expect, we’re asked to own all our truths because they are our personal struggles. Our personal pains in a world that really does not have to give a f*c*. The world itself can move and shake but it won’t always change our brains. Not to say that its fixed. Not to say we can’t change, but only that to live fully we might have to step out of our range. This is not one of my spoken word pieces as it is not the intention. Just a simple speaking of words to air a silent fleet: The confliction of a burden; The imperfectness that dresses human path; The uniqueness of a zone; The indifference that suffers alone. For you will break. Or be broken. You will shake or be shaken. Either you beat your self to it or it beats the vain perfection out of +.

But what is this contention of truth i so speak of? What is the meaning of the word that bears so heavily in this critical context? Its very simple. Regardless of what our personal truths or demons are, we are infinity adorned with the falsity of flesh to pass through for a second or two. We are human for we’ll have to make do. Make do because for someone we might never be enough. For another we’re the hawtest top stuff, and to this one, we’ll dance to the music of their adulation because in it we feel safe. In it we feel free. In it we can just be. In it, we have real liberty -The gift of which turns arrogant on a march to mould us as we build because the others whom you could not have anticipated crossing paths with come with their own handfuls of clay. Clay that makes us beyond our own pottery of ourselves for we’re always calling out to one and many with our inner fire -however it burns.

Through all of this. Through all the hurt, heartbreaks and high times that drive our plot, there is the overiding element of the characters that aid in driving it so. In whatever ways it might go. Leading us up to the threshold of our inevitable end in this careless film where we make our own cares worth caring for and sharing with others who take on the energy to feed the earth where she is starved. Its very likely that this is just me with my grand idealism. With my super man dreams because its how i see the world and my presence in it. I’m sure i’m not the only one. Lol. Okay back to the point. Truth is the real u that’s human. Truth is your existence acting out a bigger plan. Or atleast that’s how i see it. How about you…

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