‘I’m a busy woman Ruth. You should know me by now. I have not had time for anything. Even myself.’ She is quiet, brows creased as she listens to the soft spoken person on the other end of the telephone line.
‘Are you telling me i can’t do whatever i want? How dare you judge me? You of all people! You prostitute! You ungrateful witch! If he told you to tell me, does it mean you actually should? Haven’t you any sense? Ehn?’ She angrily ends the call and smashes the phone against the marble kitchen floor and then kicks the pieces aside as she walks out, heading for the bedroom door. There’s a manilla envelope right in front, half visible beneath the black door. She squats to retrieve it, her anger dissipating as she tears it open and begins to read;

You should have told me i wasn’t enough
You should have let me down gently
I care too much to strangle you myself
But i’ll let these lines do the strangling
I take back every love note i ever wrote you
You don’t deserve them. I take back every kiss. Every touch.

Every night we travelled through the stars.

Every cuddle. I thoroughly hate you. I hate you because you’re just like me. I kept my long list of lovers aswell. Your twin sister included. Incase you didn’t know, she’s alive and well.

You will loose something precious to you. I promise you

Why couldn’t you be the faithful one? Goodbye Martha.

Enjoy my bloody poetry’

Little ropes of mistress query the feeble

Stolen daisies from wild springs

Little words unspoken
Reach searching soul

For the message lay heavy upon
Your unlook

The fever dragged from stolen passions
Burn hot upon eyes that stray
From eyes who seek

Eyes who know

Us both are guilty

But when your star-crossed heart finds it’s beat

I pray the music stops before you get the chance to dance

May this one being feel the anguish to want another

To want to possess them and fail

My eyes water
in the heat of the cold sun

Your gaze that burns as leaves commence to weaken and fall

The deathly quiet forces this lover to grieve

Heartrats never leave
They never leave

Eyes cold with confusion and streams of hot water pouring down her cheeks, she opens the door and slams it hard behind her. Her sobs are uncontrollable

Fade – To – Black

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